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Frequently asked questions

The ocean can be a scary place. Let me ease those fears.

What do I need to bring with me? 

Definitely bring sunscreen, a bathing suit, sunglasses, and the spirit of adventure! I'll have water and snacks ready, as well as goggles and flippers if you decide to snorkel.

What is a catamaran? 

A catamaran is a boat with two hulls. In my case, it's a beautiful sailboat named Lovenest!

What can we do on the boat?

Along the way to our destination, if the weather is good we ca put up the sails and let Mother Nature take us out on the water! When we arrive, you can snorkel, swim, and kayak in some of the most beautiful waters in the world.

How do I get on the boat? 

I'll pick up up from the nearest dock on beach in my dinghy, then it's a short ride to the boat from there.

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