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Underway Adventures

Sailing adventures for wandering spirits

Take a break from the ordinary, and get underway. 


Hi! My name's Captain B, and I've been a captain for 30 years. I've delivered sailboats and powerboats throughout the Caribbean, across the Gulf, up the East Coast, through the Panama canal and up the West Coast. I run adventure charters through Florida, the Bahamas, and up to Maine, and it's always my goal to share and let others see the amazing things I get to experience. Underway Adventures is about giving people a chance to understand what it's like to cruise on a liveaboard catamaran. I'm always up for adventure and I love a good day on the water. Come join me!

This is Lovenest: my trusty catamaran and companion on all my adventures.

She is a 39' Prout Catamaran, and she's the perfect combination of comfort and safety. She has a strong hull and great balance. She'll take rough seas any day and will chill in the harbor like a pro. Come sail with us!

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